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Race History


After an off season transplant whereas we’ve moved to a 540 ci twin turbo we convinced the to “Teletubbies” to have a swan song year in Super class, thus giving driver and our observer “Dasha” a leg into running with the big boys.
So far only fair results, an eighth of nine in the Hawkesbury 120 dash, third of ten in Grafton Dash and a sixth in super class at Grafton after Vardy’s rope snapped at around 95 mph near old Mara ferry, on the return leg.  Vardy fell on his head, lost his goggles, done the wounded cow in the water then restarted with Patto’s sunnies and skied home looking like the “Phantom”.

A good drink proceeded that afternoon with Manly winning the comp taking away the pain of an unsuccessful race.

Now to the bridge.
Whilst we may be off the pace a shade this season, we all have a good laugh travelling and competing under the “Top Gun” circus tent.

2008 Bridge to Bridge Report

Well it was that tine of the year again for the “big race” in our backyard, the “bridge’. Saturday’s shootout saw a change of time with an early start from Sackville which I am sure was appreciated by all crews. We went down the river a shade quicker in the shootout than the H 120 veterans run, only ten seconds in it, approximately 45 seconds off the lead boat. Congratulations to the Stinga team for taking poll.

After waiting all afternoon to go to a briefing to determine polls, we were second last with not a great deal to choose from but finished up in 2 outside Hellrazor the eventual winner. The start was a good one with Hellrazor shooting out early closely followed by the 4 outside poll boats.  By the road bridge super class was divided in two groups with Top Gun in the second one. We found ourselves all alone after a while as the Chief broke down around Pumpkin Point, so it was up to us to follow Superman’s wash up the river.

We got down to early eighties around Wiseman’s and the boats tune didn’t like this. The boy’s lifted in spots (to wave to their friends and love ones) and we finished fourth in super class, being delegated to sixth outright as 2 unlimited boats snuck in the top five. Its good to finish, we beat last years time by one and a half minutes but the two lead boats dusted us by four minutes.

Thanks to SMA Race Marine to get the boat over the line again, and to Garrett Turbo’s who donated their tow van through a deal struck between SMA and Garrett. Also to Graham Luke of Garrett who donated plenty of shirts and hats and to ‘Tal’ of the Hawkesbury Hotel who through his friendship with Darren Patterson offered the Top Gun team their hospitality for Saturday and Sunday afternoons just to put the boat on display – many thanks.

Top Gun may venture to the Nationals in January but are undecided at present but more importantly head to the Southern 80 in February with no skiers, I can’t wait!