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We made the long haul up the Pacific Highway for my favourite weekend and race, the Grafton B2B.  We had a good team meal on Friday evening in preparation for the suicide Crown Dual dash on the Saturday morning.  We drew the squeeze box between The Gun and The Syndicate.

We were a little tardy out of the hole, but we soon caught up only to be continually squeezed between The Guns inability to keep his boat in a straight line and the "Teletubbies" sheer determination to prove a point.  We had to take a sit just off the pace in preparation for the mission of getting to the turn buoy first.  Merc Force drew pole one and with a consistant pace and driving good lines, took out our grid with ease.

Grafton B2B is effectively a time trial, and out thoughts are, so should the Crown Dual, one at a time, as safety is paramount.

Anway, an overcast Sunday saw the race get underway a little late, but it was good to start and get the nerves out of the system.  We started 7th and held a consistant pace through, till just past Ulmarra Ferry where we spotted the "Teletubbies" having a relaxing swim.  We pushed on through tropical cyclone Lawrence and toward the town on Maclean when we noticed "Stinga" with a commanding lead.  Through the rough and back on the return leg we go.  Again hit a tropical cycle around Lawrence, battled on, then the Gremlins hit Jimmy's legs.  The Diary stepped up but we had to be patient as a finish was what we wanted.

We finished 5th in Superclass after a disqualification to "Blazen", but the "Robbo's" got under our guard and put us back to 6th outright.  Congratulations to "Stinga" on the win as no one got within coo-ee of them.  A great afternoon followed and a thankyou to the "Roches Family Hotel" for their hospitality for the Grand Final afternoon.   A fair result, looking forward to Berri then the Sydney Bridge.