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 PRE-SEASON 2009-2010

The forthcoming 09/10 Ski racing calendar for “The Top Gun Crew” takes a new direction with two new skiers, both coming out of retirement for another go at “Super Class”.

Both have good history competing at the highest level, and hopefully we can post some good results for the upcoming season.

We welcome Steven “the Diary” Morley and James “Jimmy” Buser. Top Gun was put away after a creditable season towing the “Teletubbies” whereas we finished every race on the calendar in the top five.  Credit goes to McMah Race Marine who kept the boat on the water, as mentioned finishing every race it contested.

Simon’s stable is slowly growing and I am sure whoever chooses his services will get the same passion he has for the sport in their boats as he has for Top Gun.  Another thank you to Garret whose “Turbo” contribution through Graham Luke via McMah Race Marine was appreciated – a finish every race – a full season on the one set of turbos as was the engine.

A freshen up will see us start the new season in good shape. Lastly to “DC” and the “Redman” thanks for your efforts and support for the past two seasons, couldn’t have done what we did without you both.  Even till the last race, that being Mildura whereas we finished a creditable fourth. We were all still laughing and pulling the “piss” out of each other right up until we went home on “Stuey Little” airlines, now recognized as “Choc” airlines, thanks fellas.