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Race History

2010 - 2011 SEASON

Sydney Bridge to Bridge
DATE:  October 2010



Saturdays Hawkesbury hotshots didn’t quite go to plan with the diary (Steven) running late from Camden airport ex Echuca. After some consultation with the judges they changed our start position with the boys from ‘the B’ to give us a little extra time. A big thank you to ‘the B’. The diary had just enough time to get suited up and ski on and we made the ski grid by a matter of minutes. A solid run without braking any records as the or the boys and boat saw a 10.10 and 6th place. We had a plan, not go over 105 and we didn’t, we averaged 100mph for the dash. This enabled us to pull pole 2 for main race Sunday. A great sunny calm day greeted us at Dengar Island and the race start was a cracker. We snuck in the Hellrazors wash after the road bridge. Stinga and Hellrazor fought it out with us having to dice with Merc Force, Superman and Firebird. We narrowly held 3rd until around Spencer when one of the Stinga boys unfortunately had a bad fall which saw us slip into 2nd. We managed to stay there with Firebird following us all the way to the finish. So far without doubt our highlight with Top Gun, a 2nd place in the B2B and a creditable time of 40 minutes 35 seconds. We now prepare to go back to Grafton mid January for the re running of the B2B then to Echuca early February for the Southern 80. A big thank you to all who chipped in on the day, Bruiser with the trailer drive, Young Batto with the helicopter/camera, Jimmy, Stevo and stop watch for there efforts to get us the result and to Billy of SMA Race Marine, another finish, a quality one at that. 



Berri 90
DATE:  30/31 October 2010

Team Top Gun made the long hike out to SA to be welcomed by windy rainy weather. A great start in the dash and some big early numbers came unstuck on the big left hander when a gremlin snuck into the cockpit and pulled the transmission lever back into 1st gear at approx. 115mph, luckily the rev limited did its job but the damage was done to the gearbox. Luckily race day saw ordinary weather wind and rain which saw reduced speeds which helped us limp through and again snare a 3rd place. Hellrazor won with Blazen bagging 2nd. The run itself was full of near misses with superman, but we finally got past and put some space on them. Our concern was merc force as they were strong in the conditions, to Jimmy and Stevens credit we got there by seconds. Onto the big one, the B2B.

Grafton B2B 2010
DATE: 2nd & 3rd October 2010
Grafton is now history, due to being cancelled on race day due to inclement weather, a welcomed decision, safety 1st. Saturdays dash saw a keenly contested one with Top Gun qualifying 5th, just 1 second off strike force and only 10 seconds off Stingas 1st. Onto Berri. 


Hawkesbury 120
DATE:  28th & 29th August 2010

Our 1st super series hit-out for the new season saw us run a creditable 3rd outright. We had a series run prior at Wiseman’s and managed a 2nd to Stinga which put us in a positive frame for the H120. A sub 10 minute in the shootout was an improvement on the last years which is what we are looking for, steady improvement. Race day came and we were consistent on both legs and shaved minutes of the previous year’s time, that in which we also ran 3rd. Onto Grafton.  


                                            Team Top Gun.