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Race History

2009-2010 SEASON


We made the trek over to what we believed was a once thriving community of Berri in S.A,about an hour or so west of Mildura, on the banks of the Murray River. Whilst not overly flushed with competitors, the town and venue itself were quite OK. The location was nice and central to both hotel, Caravan Park and Ski Club. 

The race itself was all good, except for Hells Top Turn buoy. You would have only just got around it on social ropes, let alone 280 footers. I’m sure nearly 50% of the field either dropped or had severe issues with this buoy. Ski Racing S.A may want to shorten the course slightly to a bigger expanse of river, to turn safely.

Our weekend, the rope gremlins struck twice. Saturday on running the ropes out in the Superclass Dash with only 10 seconds to go, ‘Presto’, the dairies rope was in 2 pieces. Not happy ‘Jan’.

Onto Sunday we started 7th and made up, I feel, some good ground on the other crews until the Berri Sniper Struck again, we were trying to successfully navigate the near impossible top turn body hugging banks, but on the exit after giving Jimmy some slack rope, ‘Presto’, it snapped.

This created carnage for the next 6 boats with all but ‘Hazy’ dropping their skiers. We made a quick fix on the rope and got going again. It wasn’t much point belting the bejesus out of boat or skiers, as our race was run. Creditably, we finished 4th in Superclass and about 7th or 8th outright.

Congratulations to NGR Racing for taking out 1st and 2nd place. I did happen to notice yet another force boat continuing along the course at Social Speed once their race was over, no names mentioned, it must be something about the Murray and 21 foot forces.

Next off to the ‘Bridge’ with no rope issues and looking for a finish and hopefully a top 5. A thanks to Stuey Little, a la ‘Choc’ Airlines for supplying our 5 star transport to and fro the event, and to Top Gun transport a la ‘Slim’ and Co, thanks for your help and the fishy smell all weekend.


We made the long haul up the Pacific Highway for my favourite weekend and race, the Grafton B2B.  We had a good team meal on Friday evening in preparation for the suicide Crown Dual dash on the Saturday morning.  We drew the squeeze box between The Gun and The Syndicate.

We were a little tardy out of the hole, but we soon caught up only to be continually squeezed between The Guns inability to keep his boat in a straight line and the "Teletubbies" sheer determination to prove a point.  We had to take a sit just off the pace in preparation for the mission of getting to the turn buoy first.  Merc Force drew pole one and with a consistant pace and driving good lines, took out our grid with ease.

Grafton B2B is effectively a time trial, and out thoughts are, so should the Crown Dual, one at a time, as safety is paramount.

Anway, an overcast Sunday saw the race get underway a little late, but it was good to start and get the nerves out of the system.  We started 7th and held a consistant pace through, till just past Ulmarra Ferry where we spotted the "Teletubbies" having a relaxing swim.  We pushed on through tropical cyclone Lawrence and toward the town on Maclean when we noticed "Stinga" with a commanding lead.  Through the rough and back on the return leg we go.  Again hit a tropical cycle around Lawrence, battled on, then the Gremlins hit Jimmy's legs.  The Diary stepped up but we had to be patient as a finish was what we wanted.

We finished 5th in Superclass after a disqualification to "Blazen", but the "Robbo's" got under our guard and put us back to 6th outright.  Congratulations to "Stinga" on the win as no one got within coo-ee of them.  A great afternoon followed and a thankyou to the "Roches Family Hotel" for their hospitality for the Grand Final afternoon.   A fair result, looking forward to Berri then the Sydney Bridge.


After our fair 3rd place in the 120 previously, we ventured down to Wisemans for our final hitout prior to Grafton B2B.

We started 7th and finished up 1st, in which was our first 1st placing.  Although not fast, we were consistent which got us the chocolates.  A good roll up of 56 boats entered the 2UP race which was good to see.  Fairly torrid conditions, but nothing unusual for the series races.  Firebird with the "Robbo's" were a very close 2nd by a matter of seconds - we will have to watch them at Grafton in a few weeks time.

DATE:  30 AUGUST 2009

Well in a race whereas we were not originally going to compete due to footy commitments, we ended up running and finishing outright 3rd. It was Top Gun’s first official podium finish. A little like “kissing your sister” though, with the trailer crew getting lost between Wisemans and Windsor, the Ski and Boat crew catching a cold at the Boat ramp whilst waiting, and yours truly not being able to celebrate the outright 3rd as he finished up designated driver whilst the Top Gun crew celebrated.

There were misfortunes on the day to the bigger name crews in not finishing, enabling Top Gun to do a “Bradbury” and slip in third.  Whilst pleasing, we are a new crew and I am sure some more time on the water will enable us to improve. We have a series race coming up then on to Grafton for the second race of the “Super Series”.

 PRE-SEASON 2009-2010

The forthcoming 09/10 Ski racing calendar for “The Top Gun Crew” takes a new direction with two new skiers, both coming out of retirement for another go at “Super Class”.

Both have good history competing at the highest level, and hopefully we can post some good results for the upcoming season.

We welcome Steven “the Diary” Morley and James “Jimmy” Buser. Top Gun was put away after a creditable season towing the “Teletubbies” whereas we finished every race on the calendar in the top five.  Credit goes to McMah Race Marine who kept the boat on the water, as mentioned finishing every race it contested.

Simon’s stable is slowly growing and I am sure whoever chooses his services will get the same passion he has for the sport in their boats as he has for Top Gun.  Another thank you to Garret whose “Turbo” contribution through Graham Luke via McMah Race Marine was appreciated – a finish every race – a full season on the one set of turbos as was the engine.

A freshen up will see us start the new season in good shape. Lastly to “DC” and the “Redman” thanks for your efforts and support for the past two seasons, couldn’t have done what we did without you both.  Even till the last race, that being Mildura whereas we finished a creditable fourth. We were all still laughing and pulling the “piss” out of each other right up until we went home on “Stuey Little” airlines, now recognized as “Choc” airlines, thanks fellas.